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GJ-2000AF Form-Fill-Pillow-Side Seal Packaging Machine


Form-Fill-Pillow-Side Seal Packaging Machine


Seal packaging machine is suitable for high viscosity, low fluidity powder pallets (in uniform size).

  • Free-flow Small Granular: Sugar, salt, rice, bean, fish bate, chemicals... etc.

  • Non-free-flow Powder: Coffee powder, milk powder, sauce powder, spices, bean powder, chemicals... etc.

  • Well suitable for large and business package.

GJ-2000AF Form-Fill-Pillow-Side Seal Packaging Machine


  • Pneumatic type sealing mechanism. Sheet length is controlled by a servomotor. Advanced control interface and computer - controlled operation ensure consistent and reliable packaging results.

  • One-piece screw and servomotor are employed for accurate dosing.

  • The filler is an economical filling system for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • The filler is raggedy built to eliminated costly downtime, runs more efficiently, provides unmatched filling accuracy and a higher level of reliability and versatility.

  • The filler can fill powders, granulates, from a few milligrams to 500ibs.-most at 1% or better.

  • Standard features include high performance controls, stainless steel product contact parts; diagnostic test program for solving problems and fast clean-up.


  • Hole punching device for hang-up bags.

  • Gusset device for stand-up pouch.

  • Product discharge conveyor.

  • Vibrator for non-flow powder / granulated products.

  • Nitrogen filling device.

  • Date-coding device.


GJ-2000AF Form-Fill-Pillow-Side Seal Packaging Machine


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