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GJ-101 Form-Fill-3-Side Seal Packaging Machine



Form-Fill-3-Side Seal Packaging Machine


3-side sealing. Dosing by material volume; applicably for small quantity packaging, pellet or powder material. Such as powder soup / spice, cereal powder, juice powder sugar... etc.

  • Suitable for free-flow material.

  • It could choose multiple material or vibrating tray blanking depend on granular sizes.

  • Easily refill manually, also could purchase screw conveyor for automatic refill.

  • Simply replace the forming shoulder.

  • Measuring cup and hopper are easy to remove and clean.

All packaging machines can be equipped with liquid filling systems,
Styling Sealing Style, Rounded Corner Packaging Style

GJ-101 Form-Fill-3-Side Seal Packaging Machine


  • Interlace metering and filling packaging machine has human machine interface (HMI) control for easy operating.

  • The length control uses Mitsubishi servo motor to reach precision measuring.

  • PLC controller uses Mitsubishi system from Japan. Sealing operation uses cam and spring loaded action to reach stable sealing.

  • Sensor calibration is done automatically by the PLC algorithm.

  • The entire machine is constructed by stainless steel, sand blasting on surface.

  • Cam type sealing mechanism. Sheet length is controlled by a servomotor. Advanced control interface and computer - controlled operation ensure consistent and reliable packaging results.

  • Easy change bag side and bag length computer set.

  • Registration mark by computer control.

  • To clap sealing. No film to destroy and hole circumstances sealingairtight stable.

  • Cam sealing a mechanism. 
    Packing sealing true.

  • Film pulling speed set by computer, pulling length steady.

  • Could remodel to liquid filling packing machine.



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